Various other parts of Morocco the difficulty wasn’t thus hopeless opublikowano Maj 9, 2022

Sometimes an old child having streaming light mustache would appear, like particular apparition about Bible-a great mendicant holy-man-trudging collectively and you will chanting old hymns that have an absent appearance of beseeching rev­ erie on the his face

In the Meknes, as an instance, a different sort of mellah try centered, making it possible for the old that end up being emptied and you can providing about a temporary nor­ malization out of lifestyle. Within the Fez, the wealth of your own area provided increase to an amount of interest and therefore tore through the surroundings out-of stagna­ tion. Inside the Tetuan and you can Tangiers, old-centered and you may noble Jewish organizations had maintained the new traditions off common help. However the significant issues that had been demonstrated above have been also can be found even yet in the quintessential fortunate from mellahs. TUNISIA

In the Tunis, whose enormous hara sprawled in white domes of Sidi Mehrez, in the Sousse, inside Sfax and also in Gabes, an identical battle­ ren regarding streets, a comparable insanitary criteria, a comparable age life was to get noticed

Right here the challenge was in much the same such as Morocco. (więcej…)