Handle Relationship Dispute which have Effective Issues away from Scrum Teachers opublikowano Maj 17, 2022

Desired. Now in our during the-household speed show, Peter Stevens and you may Maria Matarelli, Scrum Alliance® Certified Scrum Instructors, creators of one’s Private Agility Institute, and you may writers out of Individual Agility: Six Concerns to change your Existence, register us to mention how to use nimble classes methods to eradicate conflict which have a partner.

“After you remember the way we work together at the office, a number of just what support agility is capable communicate and you will come together, best?” Matarelli begins. “How do you become sure of what extremely things, and you will perform the anyone near you, inside your life, know very well what extremely matters for you? Are you presently inside alignment?”

Matarelli talks away from argument since a significant difference craving, and sometimes in the dating, which change desire is targeted on uncomfortable misalignments otherwise miscommunications.

Handle Matchmaking Disagreement which have Strong Issues from Scrum Instructors

“Once you check Relationship Awareness Theory because of the Dr. Elias Porter, he discusses dispute are something which it’s an indicator, it’s a thing that can cause feel, however it is not at all times bad,” Matarelli said. “As if that you do not features problems, you might never build. If there is never one rubbing, you’ll never understand. Certain people, these are typically better after that have a quarrel while they become familiar with both top, plus they are more powerful for it. But it is from the which have, In my opinion, match discussions as a consequence of it.”

“All of the marriages has actually conflict,” he described. (więcej…)

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