Couple studies have investigated matchmaking between BPA and being obese opublikowano Maj 8, 2022

One study investigated urinary PAH metabolites and carrying excess fat; however, the results was in fact inconsistent and you will ranged ranging from metabolites (324). If you find yourself urinary 2-phenanthrene are positively on the carrying excess fat, 1-naphthalene is adversely regarding the obesity for the NHANES adults (324). On the other hand, 2-naphthalene, 1-phenanthrene and you can 2-phenanthrene was in fact seriously in the MetS. In addition, knowledge towards the lighting-up, and is a supply of experience of PAHs, discovered self-confident contacts that have central carrying excess fat (75).


The global frequency away from diabetes try staggering; the amount of people who have diabetic issues features grown from 108 mil within the 1980 to 422 billion inside the 2014, add up to a growth out of cuatro.7% to eight.5% out-of people over 18 years old (304). Form of step 1 diabetes (T1D) was an enthusiastic autoimmune state described as insulin lack because of this out of beta-cell failure. While doing so, Diabetes (T2D) try characterized by insulin opposition and you may comes with a surprising number of pupils and you will teens (424).

There’s been an ever growing interest in environmentally friendly share in order to the latest etiology of all forms of diabetes and you will being obese. In 2011, the united states Federal Toxicology Program (NTP) while the Federal Institute of Ecological Health Sciences (NIEHS) conducted a workshop named “Role off Environmental Toxins from the Development of All forms of diabetes and you will Carrying excess fat” to analyze the newest research discovering Pops as well as their connection these types of a couple of infection. (więcej…)