That marked brand new limits of your own town opublikowano Maj 8, 2022

The brand new Jews lived-in „The trail of your own Third regarding Get”, hence begins at the cloister and you can happens up until the horse field, a length of throughout the you to definitely kilometres. Of several Jews in addition to lived-in smaller avenue.

Individuals called Staravieren and tens from household built a town at the side of the new river and you can called Sloboda.

Most of the Jewish members of Swir had been resellers. Before all of the domestic on fundamental path in which products was in fact offered, there are various sorts of stands. There were textile, lifeless services and products, tools, building material, bakeries, butcher or any other really stands too. For many individuals these types of stands just weren’t the merely means of sustenance. In many family it absolutely was the job of your own spouses and you will daughters to control such really stands.

The brand new males was in fact the dealers, and you will worked in several positions. Particular cared for grain in the large-scale manufacturing. They accustomed buy the grain from the markets and you may exported large quantities in order to Vilna. (więcej…)