The latest researchers including learned that specific accessory products changed in the event that relationship ran away from informal so you can the time opublikowano Maj 8, 2022

Hazan Shaver regular the new Love Test in 1993 and you will once again receive good proof getting a correlation ranging from infant accessory form of and you can adult love style – although relationship was not quite as good this time. (In total both Love Test education with it 1200 users.)

You should keep in mind Hazan Razor only based a relationship . Hence, cause- and- impression can’t be assumed from their really works.

Other look to your personal matchmaking Loads of studies have served the Love Test findings – eg: Judith Feeney Patricia Noller (1990) discovered that safely- connected somebody had the very a lot of time- term lasting intimate relationships if you find yourself insecure- avoidant types met with the very small- lived and you may minimum- intense matchmaking. In the 1992 Feeney Noller stated that avoidant accessory items amongst 193 college students have been very likely to has the dating fail. Like Hazen Razor, Feeney Noller show that accessory models commonly necessarily entirely fixed.

Within the an effective 4- day study of heterosexual relationship among Canadian undergraduates Patrick Keelan, Karen Dion Kenneth Dion (1994) found that people who have a secure attachment build conveyed much more satisfaction which have and you can deeper dedication to the partnership and you may leading their companion a great deal more. (więcej…)