The brand new scientists along with found that some connection brands changed if dating ran out-of casual in order to the amount of time opublikowano Maj 8, 2022

Hazan Shaver repeated new Love Quiz during the 1993 and you can again located strong research getting a relationship between kid accessory type and adult like style – though the correlation wasn’t just as good now. (As a whole the 2 Love Quiz training inside 1200 members.)

You will need to be aware that Hazan Razor merely founded a relationship . Hence, cause- and- perception can not be thought from their functions.

Most other browse on close matchmaking Lots of research has served the new Like Test findings – eg: Judith Feeney Patricia Noller (1990) unearthed that securely- affixed anybody had the most enough time- label enduring intimate relationship if you are vulnerable- avoidant items met with the most brief- existed and least- severe matchmaking. Inside 1992 Feeney Noller stated that avoidant connection products between 193 college students had been prone to possess its dating fail. Particularly Hazen Shaver, Feeney Noller demonstrate that connection sizes aren’t fundamentally totally repaired.

In the an excellent 4- month examination of heterosexual relationship certainly one of Canadian undergraduates Patrick Keelan, Karen Dion Kenneth Dion (1994) learned that people with a safe connection concept shown a lot more fulfillment having and deeper commitment to the connection and you can trusted its partner more. (więcej…)