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Although we know a bit regarding prevalence and correlates of teenage sexting, research providing detailed insight into social contexts for this actions is in their infancy. A lot of the present investigation on sexting have had a tendency to pay attention to understanding occurring as opposed to the reason why, producing a necessity for grant directed at design idea. Indeed, Chalfen ( 2010 ) contended any particular one essential potential course for investigation on adolescent sexting ended up being qualitative efforts might give understanding of teenagers’ motives for sexting. The present learn requires a step in this path with a qualitative testing in the personal contexts of teenage sexting in america. Desire to were to complement the present US-based quantitative information on teenage sexting, and make use of these insights to tell the generation of hypotheses to guide future research in this field. Drawing from design within the study talked about above, we inserted this how to message someone on swoop job with three investigation inquiries.

With RQ1, we tried in order to comprehend the kinds of affairs by which teenagers might deliver, receive, or exchange sexts, also to build understanding of the motives that advise sexting in these relational contexts. RQ2 got geared towards knowing the extent that adolescents see sexting as appropriate, and also at uncovering many of the rationales informing these viewpoints. At long last, RQ3 shown the fascination with examining possible gender and years variations in the relational and normative contexts of adolescent sexting. (więcej…)