You to definitely noted the new limits of your town opublikowano Maj 7, 2022

New Jews stayed in „The road of the Third of Will get”, which begins during the cloister and you may happens until the horse business, a length of from the one kilometer. Of numerous Jews along with lived-in reduced roadways.

The individuals named Staravieren and you may tens from family centered a town beside the fresh river and you may entitled Sloboda.

All of the Jewish members of Swir had been merchants. Before all house for the chief road in which merchandise had been offered, there have been many different types of really stands. There had been fabric, dry items, gear, strengthening content, bakeries, butcher or other stands too. For many people such really stands just weren’t its simply manner of sustenance. In many household it was the work of your own wives and girl to look at this type of really stands.

The latest males was basically the buyers, and you can dealt in many deals. Certain dealt with grain within the large-scale production. It familiar with choose the wheat in the markets and you can shipped large quantities so you can Vilna. Various other dealt in the sense with potatoes, that have fresh fruit, with chicken, with egg, with leather skins, having pig locks and others. There were of numerous resellers who have been occupied only during the specific 12 months of the season, such as for instance fruits backyard gardeners. Besides this, there are of numerous peddlers, and people who caused the hand such as for instance shoemakers and you will tailors. The brand new Jews away from Swir obtained a portion of the financial assistance on lender as well as the town’s Jewish Charity Organization. Predicated on a study out of Vilna, there were a total of 140 participants which belonged on the Jewish Charity Organization. (więcej…)