Abu Dharr stated that the brand new Live messenger away from Allah told their friends one to „ opublikowano Maj 6, 2022

439. Do not ask women in the absence of its husbands, since the Satan might be releasing in virtually any one of you love blood. (Tirmidhi). (Best Woman into the Islam. by Imran Muhammad).

440. Abu Said a-Khudri said Allah’s Live messenger just like the claiming, „the nation are nice and you may verdant, and you may Allah that have place you inside it on your change watches the way you operate; thus concern the nation and anxiety females, towards the demo of your Bani Israel had to do with lady.” (Muslim). (Greatest Girl inside Islam. from the Imran Muhammad).

441. Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with your) stated that Allah’s Live messenger (tranquility feel up on your) said: „If the people amongst your intentions to check out their partner the guy will be say: Throughout the label regarding Allah, O Allah, ward all of us facing Satan and maintain aside new Satan in the one that you’ve got bestowed abreast of you, assuming He has got ordained a male son in their eyes, Satan will not be capable damage your.” (Bukhari, Muslim). (Top Girl for the Islam. (więcej…)