Brand new SUEIT was a personal-declaration way of measuring EI comprising 64 affairs opublikowano Maj 6, 2022

For every single item was demonstrated since a statement (i.age. ‚I can say just how other people is feeling’). Respondents price the degree to which for each and every report is short for ways they often envision, end up being or act. Goods are scored into a five-area Likert-type size in which step one equals ‚never’ and you will 5 equals ‚always’. Ratings try derived for 5 proportions of EI: Mental Recognition and you may Expression (ERE); Understanding Attitude External (UE); Attitude Head Knowledge (EDC); Emotional Administration (EM); and you can Emotional Handle (EC). With regards to the psychometric characteristics of your SUEIT, Palmer and Stough (2001) report a full-measure internal reliability away from 0.91 and you will sub-level interior reliabilities ranging from 0.78 and you will 0.86. Extreme test – retest reliabilities are priced between 0.82 and 0.95 having a single-month retest months 18 .

The latest BDI-II 21 was utilized determine the seriousness of depressive periods on the analysis sufferers. The latest BDI-II was a 21-product self-declaration means having calculating the seriousness of anxiety inside the people and teenagers old thirteen many years or more mature. (więcej…)