Harmon’s most likely closest friend and you can former like attract, Townes joined becoming their next inside adjournment opublikowano Maj 6, 2022

Moscow Invitational (1968) [ ]

Considering Benny, five best Russian professionals and you will five top users off their nations played. They were purportedly FIDE Global Experts and you can Grandmasters. Therefore, this might be considered given that Harmon’s third standard for the getting good FIDE identity herself, satisfying certainly their reputation arcs.

Players tend to be: All of us Winner E Harmon; Laev, out-of USSR; Hellstrom, away from Sweden; Duhamel, of France; Shapkin, of USSR; Luchenko, away from USSR; Flento, off Italy; and you will GM Vasily Borgov, out of USSR. (więcej…)