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To Publisher delight don’t misguide your readers towards chapel of latter-day saints additionally the Chapel away from Jesus Christ away from Latter-big date Saints are the same and just have from Warren Jeff was not a member of The newest Church away from Goodness Christ regarding Latter-date New orleans saints he had been been excommunicated by the Chapel. The difficulty off poligamy was already come responded 100 years ago and you may the Mormon Forehead never ever solemnized plural matrimony adopting the Statement off „Manifesto” in 1898 to cease the practice. Have you thought to generate and dilemma of individuals of God such as for example David, Jacob, Moses who upcoming behavior polygamy asked from the God via the fresh new prophet Nathan. As to why condemned only the Prophet Joseph Smith the fresh church is meant to help you preached the fresh gospel rather than to help you doomed some one plus many never know just what truly the concept of the word CULT within the new Merriam Webster dictionary they checks out ” a great CULT was a system out of relegion” practical question try? The fresh new Universal Lifestyle Chapel don’t fall under an excellent cult or where would it be belongs? (więcej…)