Another dispute is the fact Jonathon and you will David have been homosexuals just like the “Jonathan cherished David” (step one Sam opublikowano Maj 4, 2022

Although not, “David’s love for Jonathan was not sexual (erotic) but a friendship (philic) like. And you can Jonathan don’t remove himself of all the his clothing, however, only of his armor and you may royal robe (1 Sam. 18:4).”twelve Along with, a kiss is a consistent allowed in that date, such when Judas kissed God. In lots of societies today, guys generally speaking greeting both with a kiss, also. After that, David’s love for their spouses, especially Bathsheba (dos Samuel 11), obviously shows their heterosexual orientation.

Isaiah 56:step 3 says you to definitely eunuchs may not be excluded out of God’s visibility (“my personal temple”), however, practicing homosexuals commonly eunuchs. Eunuchs haven’t any intimate interactions at all.

Almost every other Scriptural objections getting homosexuality can also be easily refused. It is obvious you to definitely heterosexual wedding is the just sort of relationships approved regarding the Bible and that gay routine is obviously destined.


The newest Bible besides refers to homosexual decisions as detestable, but it addittionally requires brand new punishment of them on it (Leviticus ). (więcej…)