Just how did that members of the family write about three of the very effective women chess champions ever? opublikowano Maj 13, 2022

The latest world’s earliest lady grandmaster is actually happy to send the lady regular Thursday-evening lecture. Susan Polgar was perfumed, coiffed, made-up-and sporting a smooth black pantsuit, a stylish contrast with the guys and you can men hunched more than their boards inside her Queens, Ny, chess bar. „We have another remove,” Susan, thirty six, launched inside her comfortable Hungarian accent. „Tonight, folks gets to try out myself.” Blitz chess it was-for each adversary received 5 minutes into their time clock to Susan’s that. She basic sat round the off an earlier Serbian child. The 2 first started knocking parts and you will punching off the edge of the new time clock, performing a percussive voice song to their lightning-prompt actions. The guy shook their lead and you will avoided the lady eyes. A resigned bartender and you will a great 14-year-dated child succumbed almost as easily. (więcej…)