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Richard Warren’s English sources and origins were the main topic of much conjecture, and you will lots of some other ancestries was basically composed for him, instead an excellent shred away from research to support him or her. Boffins got long recognized of wedding out-of Richard Warren so you can E Walker on better, Hertford. Because we know the brand new ed E, and you will a primary guy born on 1610, this is an emerging number. However, zero people have been discovered for it couples regarding parish documents, and no then facts beyond the names and you will timing, through to the commonly off Augustine Walker is actually found. About often from Augustine Walker, dated April 1613, the guy states „my personal girl Age Warren girlfriend from Richard Warren”, and „the girl three people Mary, Ann and you can Sarah.” We understand that the ed Mary, Ann, and Sarah (in that beginning purchase).

Little is well known regarding Richard Warren’s lifetime in america. He came by yourself towards the Mayflower inside 1620, leaving his wife and you may five de- so you’re able to him on the watercraft Anne during the 1623, and you can Richard and you will Age after that had sons Nathaniel and you may Joseph in the Plymouth. (więcej…)