Whisper software study problem reveals 900 million miracle confessions: How to proceed opublikowano Maj 13, 2022

Back up to 2014, discover a smart device app entitled Whisper that let you acknowledge the greatest, darkest tips for a full world of total visitors — no real labels welcome, needless to say. It was wonderfully trashy and you will addictive.

Whisper remains to be, although just by new comments with the its Google Enjoy list webpage, this has been „completely weighed down by the exact prostitutes soliciting, dehydrated males, and you may fake junk e-mail profile.”

Whisper has returned in the news once the an exposed databases which has 900 million Whisper postings, and all sorts of new metadata related to those people listings, was has just obtained online.

Zero real names had been involved, however, according to the Washington Blog post, hence bankrupt the story yesterday (February 10), the information and knowledge included „an effective customer’s stated age, ethnicity, sex, home town, moniker and people membership when you look at the communities.”

Those of us organizations, the Blog post indexed, try or was „devoted to intimate confessions and you may discussion of intimate positioning and wishes”. (więcej…)