How can we defeat the newest sexual, racial, and you may generational hierarchies dependent on brand new salary? opublikowano Maj 13, 2022

Precarious efforts are a central concept from inside the movement conversations of the capitalist reorganization off really works and you may classification affairs in the current around the globe benefit. Silvia Federici analyzes the potential and you can limitations on the design since an analytical and you may business tool. She claims reproductive work try a hidden region away from functions and strive the fresh new direction need to acknowledge in its political work, if it is to address an important questions i deal with inside throwing for an alternative to capitalist community. How can we endeavor over reproductive labor instead of damaging ourselves, and all of our groups? How can we would a self-reproducing path?

Not only enjoys our relationship to waged really works become more discontinuous, but a discussion of precarious labor is a must in regards to our understanding out of the way we can go beyond capitalism

So it lecture happened to your in the Bluestockings Significant Bookstore within the Brand new York Town, 172 Allen Highway as part of the “It is Forever: Regarding Inquiry in order to Refusal Talk Collection. “

We call-it a theory because the views that Negri and you may others enjoys articulated exceed the fresh malfunction out of alterations in the newest providers out of work that have happened in the eighties and you will 1990s with the modern world process– such as the “precariazation off performs,” that work affairs are receiving way more discontinuous, the introduction of “flexy day,” and also the expanding fragmentation of one’s really works experience. (więcej…)