First and foremost, Korean socialist structure reorganized industrial creation by the plus the fresh new appeal of your earlier dispossessed Korean proletariat opublikowano Maj 12, 2022

Their structure ergo offers it accessibility all socioeconomic aspects of new corporation and the lives of their worker

Attracting towards mass range – the fresh Marxist-Leninist tossing means you to definitely “is actually the main cause and you can effectation of the brand new politicization and involvement of people undergoing economic innovation and you may socialist construction” – the fresh new WPK adopted this new Daean functions system when you look at the December 1961. (13) Weighed against for the past program, in which executives was in fact designated to supervise an office unilaterally of the an individual class representative, “The newest Region warehouse committee takes on the best expert at the top of your own business” from the Daean work program. (13) Brun subsequent describes this system, and i will quotation their at length:

“Way of resolving inquiries impacting production and you may workers’ things, and additionally ways of performing behavior, are reach as a result of cumulative discussions inside facility committee, whoever professionals was decided of the factory’s Party members. To work it panel must be apparently brief, their right wide variety depending on the sized the business. At the Daean Electricity Plant, which have a work force of 5,000, the fresh new Group warehouse committee is comprised of 35 users which satisfy several times 1 month, as the nine people in the latest manager board kept in persisted contact. 60 percent of their professionals was development specialists, to your remainder symbolizing a cross-element of all warehouse affairs, along with functionaries, managers, deputy-executives, engineers, mechanics, women’s category agencies, childhood category members, trade-union players, and you will place of work group. (więcej…)