In the mid-eighties, the world of adult connection began to progress opublikowano Maj 11, 2022

Likewise, personal psychologists eg Phil Razor from the College or university away from Ca for the Davis, and medical experts Phil and you may Carolyn Cowan at UC Berkeley, turned into in search of attachment for the mature matchmaking

It taken place for a few reasons. First, of many attachment labs, including the one at Condition School of new York from the Stony Brook, had been performing search into continuity over the years from accessory status, and you will continuous outcomes of secure and you will insecure connection (Waters, Merrick, Treboux, Crowell, and you will Albersheim, 2000). As the people reviewed on the uncommon problem (within decades a dozen or 18 months) spent my youth, research on continuity regarding connection designs started initially to arise. Such as, the Cowans (1999) provides commonly analyzed new changeover to parenthood as well as how connection updates influences the process. Phil Razor is actually among the first scientists to examine how attachment standing impacts the newest character out of couple’s relationships (Hazen and you can Shaver, 1987). Now, the guy and Mario Mikulincer in the Service of Psychology during the Bar-Ilan University when you look at the Israel, provides read the consequences away from safe-legs priming that have insecure someone on their prejudices and perceptions off people that do not belong to its cultural classification (Mikulincer Shaver, 2001). The latest terms and conditions off mature connection can be a bit not the same as kid connection. Secure youngsters are also known as secure or autonomous people. Anxious-avoidant children are called dismissing adults. Nervous ambivalent children are known as possessed people. Unpleasant children are also known as unpleasant or unresolved grownups. Addititionally there is a sounding children and you will adults, named „never classify” just like the particular models do not appear within their comparison. (więcej…)