I really don’t imagine brand new education loan program would be designed thus it is generating revenue for the government opublikowano Maj 10, 2022

From the a Senate reading in 2014, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the fresh Massachusetts Democrat, asked your mind of your Federal Student Aid workplace, James W. Runcie, regarding government’s loan income.

Warren: My personal question for you is … in which perform men and women winnings wade? Would they rating reimbursed back once again to the young, who reduced over was necessary for the cost of their finance? Otherwise are they just regularly financing government fundamentally?

Warren: We are charging more attract than just we must work at the brand new college student loan program, and there is no mechanism so you’re able to reimburse that cash towards the pupils. …

Probably the most egregious examples of so it incapacity stumbled on white into the March within the a beneficial scathing inspector general’s post on the fresh department’s investigation away from charge that American services users ended up being overcharged to have student loans of the studies agency designers. (więcej…)