Additionally, kids regarding the MI-improved group stated better self-reliance much less amotivation compared to fundamental weightloss category opublikowano Maj 10, 2022

Gourlan and you may associates (2013) found that obese adolescents randomly allotted to an elementary slimming down program increased which have MI destroyed more weight and you can involved with a lot more physical working out than adolescents allotted to the standard diet program just. Some other data, but not, unearthed that compared to the personal skills degree, MI for weight loss did not produce added work for (Walpole, Dettmer, Morrongiello, McCrindle, & Hamilton, 2013). Still, teens assigned to this new MI group went to more sessions than those in the newest public skills classification, recommending that MI sessions were far more palatable towards teens. (więcej…)