The outcome to have feeling color was for the stark examine to those received getting ‚drawn to’ and ‚favourite’ color opublikowano Maj 9, 2022

Simply 39% from suit volunteers related a color through its state of mind as compared to 70% regarding nervous and you may 79% regarding depressed which suggests that people that have affective conditions are more attending equate its feeling that have a color. These definitions have been in maintaining this new observations away from others suggesting you to depressed patients seen existence since the „monochromatic” otherwise with „missing the color”. It’s actually become suggested one to disheartened someone you are going to exhibit colour impairment and that it will be your state otherwise characteristic marker regarding vibe problems. The outcomes on stressed and you may depressed some body differed considerably to those in compliment volunteers just who relevant ‚Yellow 14′ while the red-colored colors typically once the color most representative of dating sites for star wars fan adults the temper.

Specific interesting findings came up whenever reproducibility is tested

Throughout the books red has been claimed to be with the contentment, cheerfulness and a positive psychological condition[5, six, twenty-seven, 28]. It has been recommended one to differences in color saturation and lighting are of the more psychological thoughts and is possible that this may provide an alternative reason toward various other disposition color responses which have been present in this research. (więcej…)