Halsey up coming went on doing work in ONI’s Castle Base opublikowano Maj 8, 2022

The information and knowledge was actually utilized by Araqiel, an enthusiastic AI one struggled to obtain Colonel Ackerson, certainly Dr

Dr.   She volunteered to stay at the rear of so the UNSC technology is actually protected regarding you are able to need. [20] She initiated Operation: White GLOVE, in the course of time ruining numerous AIs (along with Cortana’s „earlier brother” Kalmiya) to save the fresh Covenant of opening fitness singles quizzes UNSC databases.  To the presumption your Covenant carry out cup the whole world, additionally the degree you to definitely even though it didn’t, she would feel against a complete army away from Covenant crushed pushes, Halsey is actually willing to sacrifice her functions. (więcej…)