Bari was a tiny area located on Southern area Italy’s Adriatic Coastline opublikowano Maj 4, 2022

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The first time We visited was a student in 2009, I was there to aid my pal Antonio Piccirilli towards the good focus on their trends range. Throughout all of our brief stay I arrive at read just what Antonio had been looking to tell me while the I might met him: there’s something unique regarding Bari. It is really not a quirky nothing community. Nearly 325,100 some body refer to it as household. And you can, at first, there is nothing specifically one stands out once the uncommon regarding the place. But Then i realized that for those who searched close adequate, it is a retreat to have unexpected characters. There clearly was things about way of the area. Individuals out-of Bari did actually hold themselves inside the manner in which I’ve not witnessed before otherwise while the.

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SOCIETA’ ANONIMA was a partnership ranging from Ways Movie director Antonio Piccirilli and you may me – this new interview and you may captions each and every character were made because of the Giulia Barcaro. (więcej…)