Brianna accompanies Jamie and Marsali to the courthouse where Fergus is being tried opublikowano Maj 1, 2022

Brianna joins her father in the stables after Claire goes off to attend a birth

She catches sight of a Redcoat and realizes the man is Jamie’s enemy. While he is giving testimony, Brianna can’t get enough of looking at her father, and how much he stands out from the other men. After Fergus is acquitted, Jamie tells Brianna that Sergeant Murchinson is always causing him trouble, and this latest round was intended to keep him and Fergus away from their harvest. He asks Ian Fraser Murray to go with Fergus and Marsali in the wagon and that he and Brianna will ride ahead. Claire is over joyed.

One early morning in ie takes Brianna hunting in the mountains. She asks what they’re hunting, and he tells her bees. They finally find a hive in late afternoon. (więcej…)